About Pinku Daimari

I operate autonomous system AS210035 & AS59411 for research and education purposes only.

AS AS-SET Policy Internet Exchange
210035 AS-CHD-IX Open NA
59411 AS-DAIMARY Open NA

Peering Policy

  • To peer with me
    • A public autonomous system (AS) number
    • A valid contact information on PeeringDB
    • A valid prefix records with a public Internet Routing Registry (IRR).
  • Maximum prefixes:
    • IPv6 : 100 prefixes when peering with AS210035
    • IPv6 : 10 prefixes when peering with AS59411
  • Required configuration:
    • MD5 authentication (not mandatory)

Abuse Reports

No kind of abuse on the network are tolerated.

Reports of abusive activity originating from my AS (i.e spam, DDoS, copyright, etc.) must be sent at

All abuse complaints must include proper details related to abuse. Incomplete information will not be processed.

Average reponse time 24-48hrs excluding weekends.


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